E-Liquids Explained by Vaper SA



E-Liquids are for the most part made up of only three fundamental ingredients: nicotine, flavourant, and a VG (vegetable glycerin)/PG (propylene glycol) blend.

So what are VG and PG?

(VG)Vegetable glycerin is a thick and sweet-tasting fluid. It has a sweet flavour and makes a lot of vapour. Vegetable glycerin is extracted from vegetables. In this way it is considered safe for human consumption.

(PG)Propylene glycol, by comparison, is very thin liquid, but provides more flavour from your e-liquid than VG. PG is known to produce a great throat hit, and that is why some people favour it, especially when just starting out as it mimics the throat hit form a real cigarette.

Why does e-fluid contain both?

Almost all great quality e-fluid mixes contain both PG and VG in light of the fact that every adds something unique to the vaper. You require some PG so you get a delightful throat hit and great flavor and you require VG so you generate a bigger vapour cloud. Our experience is that the 70/30 (PG/VG) is the sweet spot for extraordinary flavor and vapour generation.

Vaping is definitely here to stay and with all the products on the market, you want to be sure that you are not only getting the best bang for your buck. But also that you are getting a quality product that is safe and going to delivery the results you expect. If you are seriously looking at getting into vaping or already vaping and would like some advise on how to enhance the experience further. Please do not hesitate to give us a call today. We have team of experts that will happily assist you and help explain how our products could be of value. Our products are available nationally, check out our website for more info!