Are Electronic Cigarettes Environmentally Friendly?

People are very conscious about the environment and general health. Smoking might seem like a minor issue when you think about big factories and all the cars on the roads. But did you know that about a billion cigarettes are smoked globally daily! Thats an incredible amount of smoke.

With the environment on so many peoples minds, we have decided to explain to you the benefits of using electronic cigarettes. As many of your will know, smoking is very harmful to your health, but there is also an environmental angle. All those cigarette butts that are dumped on the side of roads, not to mention the harmful chemicals that are released each time someone lights up.

So where do electronic cigarettes fit in?

Vape Pens produce a vapour and therefore do not release any second hand smoke, so this is already much better towards the environment.

Electronic cigarettes do not have cigarette butts, so there is no littering of cigarette butts, which happen to be the most littered item in the world. Electronic cigarettes therefore allow the user to reduce, reuse and recycle, thus being a far more environmentally friendly product. Electronic cigarettes can be recycled, just as phones, batteries and other e-waste can be.

With the development of electronic smoking movement, we will see more advances being made in terms of technology developments that will further help to preserve our environment. If you would like to know more, about how this works, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Our team is on hand to help explain how our products and accessories will help to make your transition over to electronic smoking more pleasant and enjoyable. Contact us today and see how our products and team can help you to quite smoking and start living.