How to start using an E-Cigarette

Are you still smoking? If so, you may have seen a couple of your work colleagues or friends move from smoking Marlboro lights to a E-cigarette and you might be thinking is this just a gimmick or is this thing possible the answer to help me stop smoking normal harmful cigarettes. If you are planning to do the shift over from conventional smoking to E-smoking, then we advise that you do your homework. You need to find a good reliable E-cigarette brand and then identify which E-Juice you will enjoy to vape with.

Ok, so you have made the decision to explore moving onto an E-cigarette, so how do you go about finding out which one is the best one for you etc.… The whole process can be enough to just drive you back to your old ways. People do not generally like change and this is quite a big change you are contemplating. We suggest you do your research online, and also ask friends or colleagues of yours that have made the transition already. Usually everyone will have a story on what to do and not to do etc. Doing this pre purchase research can save you a lot of money and frustration and help to make the transition easier.

What is it going to cost?

Electronic cigarettes will save you about 70% of your normal smoking budget, so it’s a money saver and makes sense to start doing. Starting can seem pricey, but that’s a once off and there after the E-juice refills are relatively cheap when compared to the cost of cigarettes.

If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us today! Our team is on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have.