Vape Pen Explained!

The question a lot of people are asking is whether using a Vape Pen is harmful? When someone you know switches from conventional cigarettes to a e-cigarette, then it’s probably a strong indication that they are tired of smoking, want to improve their overall health. But are vape pens harmful? and is the vapour that comes out of the e-cigarette good for you? Some of the e-cigarettes on the market seem to create even more “smoke vapor” than regular smoking. So we decided to investigate and put this article together to find out whether using a vape pen is in fact harmful or not for you.

vape pen

There is a growing movement of people that are opposed to electric cigarettes, but this is normal whenever a new fashionable item is launched. The real question, is whether they have real grounds to have concern about the recent rise in vape pen use in South Africa? The reality is that vapour is made using very natural products, it is surprisingly healthy. What is clear is that Vaping is definitely a healthier alternative to conventional smoking.

If you are buying product from a company that has a good reputation, then you should not have any issue getting clear answers to the questions you are asking about the potential health issues.

There is certainly no question that second hand conventional smoke is going to be 100 times more harmful than second hand vapour. People will always find a reason to jump on the moral band wagon to fight new technologies, ultimately if you ask most people. I think the answer would be we don’t mind as long as it isn’t in our faces. Vapour does not smell like normal smoke does. Therefore you can be assures that you will not smell of “smoke” after being in the company of a e-cigarette smoker.

Below are some interesting facts about Vape Pens.

– The amount of nicotine in exhaled vapour was 10 x lower than cigarette smoke

– Traditional cigarettes produce carbon monoxide, toluene, benzene and numerous other volatile organic compounds. Electronic Cigarette vapours produced none of these toxic substances that were detectable or statistically significant levels

– E-cig vapour dissipates considerably faster that cigarette smoke. This means that the low level of nicotine particles produced when exhaling are only in the air for a short time.

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