Vaper SA offer a 30 day guarantee on all guaranteed items purchased except for e-liquids.

Guaranteed items are batteries, chargers and atomizers.

The 30 day guarantee starts from the date of purchase.

Faulty or damaged items will be exchanged with new, similar items.

Faulty or damaged items must be returned to Vaper SA within the 30 day period via Standard Postal Service with tracking number, and the tracking number must be emailed to us within the 30 day period.

Replacement parts will be sent to the client via Standard Postal Service.

Vaper SA does not accept telephonic calls or emails as proof that items are faulty.

Vaper SA does not accept any returns on e-Liquids.

Vaper SA will not replace items that have already been replaced within the 30 day period.

When items are replaced, the replacement parts do not carry a new 30 day guarantee, the 30 day guarantee is still applicable from the original date of purchase.

Vaper SA does not offer any guarantee on any Cartomizer/ Disposable Atomizer /Clearomizer.

Vaper SA does not offer refunds under any circumstances.

Vaper SA DOES NOT offer a “use & test” guarantee, if a client buys a product and is not happy with the performance, it CANNOT be returned, purchased items (excluding atomizer /clearomizer / coils / e-liquids) can only be returned if the items are faulty and faulty items will be replaced with the same item (if returned in the guarantee period).