What is a E Cigarette?

e cigarette

Our team at VaperSA have put this article together to explain exactly what is a E Cigarette and why if you are considering quite smoking, this could be a smart alternative.

What exactly is an E Cigarette?

Well in simple terms, an e cigarette is an electronic replacement for regular smoking. Some of the health benefits of using a vape pen is that its healthier when compared to conventional cigarette smoking as the individual only receives nicotine and none of the other harmful chemicals that are usually inhaled when smoking a normal cigarette. The device works by vaporising nicotine based fluid that is absorbed by the body when inhaled by the individual.

Components of an Electronic Cigarette

E cigarettes may come in all shapes and sizes, but their internal components are all similar.

Cartridge: Think of the cartridge as part of the mouthpiece (drip tip). It is used to hold the e-juice in devices that have separate atomisers.

Atomiser: Also known as the heating head or heating coil, this is among the most critical parts of an e cigarette because it turns the e-juice into vapour.

Battery: The battery powers the heating element and is often the largest component of the device.

E Liquid: Let’s also not forget the e-liquid. This is where the action is, and it is made up of three components: nicotine (some e-liquids do not contain nicotine and are just for the fun of it), flavouring, and diluents. Diluents come in two main types: propylene glycol (better throat hit) and vegetable glycerine (more vapor), sometimes a combination of the two.

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