What is Vaping actually like?


Our team at VaperSA has put this article together to explain some of the benefits of Vaping. At VaperSA our e-liquid comes in different nicotine strengths. You will need to find the perfect mix for you, our professional advise is that you should start on a low level e-liquid and work your way up to a level that you are comfortable with.

Where Can You Vape?

The great news is that you can vape legally anywhere because it is not seen as a drug. This may change in time, but for now you are legally allowed to vape in public places that usually would forbid smoking.

The Benefits of using a Vape Pen:

Vaping is definitely healthier than conventional smoking. When one vapes, they consume nicotine, but without the harmful effects of tobacco. The vapour that is generated is not harmful to you or those around you. There are also no medical studies that can show that using a vape pen is harmful to your health.

The act of vaping is similar to smoking but unlike its contemporary it is completely odourless. The vape user is given a dose of nicotine, but without all the harmful effects that conventional smoking poses such as cancer etc..

If you are looking for a safer, cheaper alternative to smoking, then using a vape pen is for you. If you have tried to quit and are still struggling then this may be the answer to your issues. Vaping is an enjoyable and healthier experience and our team at VaperSA is on hand to help advise and support your transition from smoking to our products. If you have any questions on how this works or where to buy our product. Please do not hesitate to contact us today! Moving to vaping is one of the smartest decision you will ever make in your life!